Why use PulseWeb?#

Curious about what sets PulseWeb apart as the ultimate tool for website performance monitoring and how it distinguishes itself from other similar tools?

Google's Core Web Vitals#

Google's Core Web Vitals gauge the speed and user experience of your website. Strong Web Vitals not only boost your Google ranking but also enhance user satisfaction.

PulseWeb is a powerful tool that helps you monitor your website's Core Web Vitals and provides you with actionable insights to improve your website's performance.

Detailed Analysis Reports#

Loading a website involves numerous processes, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of slowdowns.

PulseWeb offers customized reports for every performance metric and audits, intelligently presenting only pertinent data.

PulseWeb Reporting

Comprehensive Incident Details#

Site impacted? But cannot figure out why? PulseWeb provides detailed incident reports, including the exact time of the incident, the affected pages, and the root cause.

With a comparison of the page's last analysis and current analysis, you can quickly identify the changes that led to the incident. No more long hours analysis and time spending to comparing reports.

PulseWeb Incident Details

Alerting 🚨#

PulseWeb is built with alerting and monitoring in mind, whenever your website's performance degrades, PulseWeb will notify you and your team via email or Slack.

PulseWeb Alert Email

Historical Data#

PulseWeb stores historical data for all your website's performance metrics. This data is crucial for identifying trends and patterns in your website's performance.

PulseWeb Historical Data

Try PulseWeb for free#

Yes, we do offer a free version of PulseWeb. You can sign up and start monitoring your website's performance in minutes.